Carnival in Cologne

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FAQs Carnival - Frequently asked questions

When does Carnival always take place?

Carnival begins on 11 November of every year at 11 minutes past 11 in the morning. The high point of the carnival season begins early in the following year with the Women’s Carnival (“Weiberfastnacht”) and ends on Ash Wednesday.

How long does Carnival last?

The length of the carnival season varies from year to year. It starts every year on 11 November and ends early in the following year (between February and March), on Ash Wednesday.

How do you celebrate Carnival in Cologne?

The Cologne Carnival can be celebrated in many different ways. The climax is the six-day street carnival known as the “Crazy Days”. From Weiberfastnacht, the Women’s Carnival on the Thursday before Rosenmontag (Carnival Monday), to Veilchendienstag (Carnival Tuesday), there is no end of traditional sessions, balls and parades. People celebrate, sing and dance, especially in the halls, pubs and restaurants.