Catering in Cologne

Of course the buffet won’t be the focal point of your event — but it’s still an important part of it and shouldn’t be neglected! If you want your guests to feel completely comfortable, an appropriate range of delicious food and beverages is a must. Your caterer will come up with a culinary concept that exactly matches the style of your event, whether it’s a down-to-earth get-together or an exclusive meeting. Experienced chefs will produce light refreshments or multi-course meals, while the local service staff will see to your guests’ needs with great skill and attention to detail. And the catering team will make sure everything is organized exactly in line with your wishes, whether it’s a rustic buffet or haute cuisine.
This is where you can find professional catering in Cologne — in some of the best venues the city has to offer. Select your catering service through the Cologne Tourist Board, and enjoy attentive service and culinary highlights in a relaxing atmosphere. We have exactly the right offer for almost every budget, whether you’d like to entertain 100 guests or 1,000.


FAQs Catering - Frequently asked questions

How much does catering cost?

The costs for catering vary according to provider and scope of the desired hospitality. Many caterers offer flat-fee packages which depend on the type and scope of the services. In Cologne, for example, you can choose from a wide range extending from rustic to Haute Cuisine, from finger food to a four course set menu.

How do I find a catering agency?

Catering agencies can be found and requested to quote either by research or with the help of a convention bureau (e.g. the Cologne Convention Bureau, the official conference office of the City of Cologne). The homepage of the Cologne Convention Bureau offers a practical and fast overview of catering providers in Cologne.