City Tours in Cologne

Our guided tours of Cologne are a fantastic experience. Here you can find an exciting and unforgettable tour for your customers, your visitors or yourself! We offer a wide range of possibilities, and upon request we can also arrange individualized guided tours of the city that focus on a theme of your choice. For people who would like to go on a classic tour, we have a range of tours that cover the most important highlights of Cologne. Those who don’t like traditional tours can choose from a range of other mobile ways to get to know this metropolis on the Rhine.
For example, you can recline comfortably in a rickshaw while your driver pedals through Cologne. You can also climb with us into a boat and view the city from the water. For adventurers and visitors who have a talent for technology, we have updated versions of the traditional scavenger hunt, in which the participants use iPads, GPS and smartphones to find their way to the goal through this puzzling city. Here you have to solve problems and do some exploring in order to get from each station of the rally to the next. Take a look at our list of offerings and choose an eventful guided tour through Cologne that suits your own taste!

FAQs City Tours - Frequently asked questions

Where do you find city tours?

City tours can be booked through tourism facilities, for example, the Cologne Tourist Board offers tours of Cologne and the surrounding areas. The Cologne Tourist Board offers both its own tours and tours from other providers. You will find more detailed information on the respective homepages.

Who offers city tours?

City tours are offered by various service providers. Every large city has a tourism organization, most of which offer their own tours. There are also companies and freelancers who have specialized completely on city tours.