Culinary Ideas in Cologne

Are you searching for ideas for a unique team event? Or do you need an enjoyable and unusual entertainment programme for your event? If so, take your team members and guests on a culinary journey in, around and through Cologne that will serve as a successful framework programme for your event. Whether you prefer a main dish that’s authentically kölsch, Asian, French or flavoured with a bit of surprise, our ideas for dining in Cologne are sure to please every taste!
You can choose between a wide range of agencies that specialize in individualized and offbeat culinary events. For example, our brewery tour offers a successful combination of tradition and entertainment. Our partner company Sehenswert specializes in experiences that are exclusive to Cologne. You can demonstrate your good taste at a kölsch tasting session, or enjoy every course of your meal at a different location as you take the Cologne Dinner Tour. And the welcome event company offers games combined with catering: if you choose a beer or wine casino for your event, your guests will also get a taste of the thrilling world of gambling.

Social programmes in times of Coronavirus:
Please contact the providers in order to clarify whether the programs need to be adapted according to the current Corona regulations. The contact details can be found by clicking on the programs.