Entertainment & Shows in Cologne

Entertainment and Cologne – they go together just like kölsch beer and Cologne Cathedral. That‘s because the people who live in this colourful, upbeat city know how to provide good entertainment. You’ll see this connection clearly in the broad range of entertainment & shows you can choose from when you want to reserve tickets to an upcoming event for your guests. Our extensive portfolio includes exactly the right kind of entertainment for every event and every audience.

For example, you can sit back and be transported into the distant past as you enjoy a rococo dinner. Gorgeous costumes will be provided for your guests, and an appropriately elegant celebration will be held in a splendid castle or a beautiful ballroom. If you wish, the programme will be rounded out with Venetian music, fortune tellers and magic tricks. Or are you looking for a show in Cologne that gets your guests laughing? Our wonderful comedians and cabaret artists will have them rolling in the aisles! Cologne offers aesthetic and enchanting entertainment at extraordinary shadow theatres, as well as artists, acrobats and dancers who will spirit your guests away to magical kingdoms and make your event a unique experience!
You can also use an individually customized show to stage spectacular and impressive product launches, for example. Just get in touch with the show producers in Cologne.