Step 4: Event organization

  • Professional & well-planned processes — event organization © KölnTourismus GmbH, Volker Voigt
    Professional & well-planned processes — event organization © KölnTourismus GmbH, Volker Voigt

Culinary Cologne: Prepare every course with care!

Preparing a multi-course meal for a large number of guests requires very careful planning, because not everything can be done on the same day. Make a plan showing where and when you’ll buy each ingredient. Above all, decide when you’ll cook each dish. Many parts of the meal can be made ahead of time rather than right before the guests sit down at the table. The separate steps of the process must be logically structured and clearly communicated. In other words, meticulous process planning and hard-working helpers who support your preparations and assist you in doing the actual cooking are a must! That way, cooking together before the gala meal will be an enjoyable experience in itself. 

Event planning: Professional & well-planned event organization

Now it’s time to focus on the details! The concept you’ve put on paper must be translated into action. Above all, you need very good partners whom you’ve carefully selected in advance. As we all know, too many cooks spoil the broth. Hire only as many helpers as you actually need, and make sure all of them are united in a common cause. Create a timetable and a seating plan, and write and distribute briefings so that all your helpers know exactly what they have to do, what the timetable is, and what roles they play in the overall plan.

Event planning in times of Coronavirus

In addition to the normal event planning, suitable precautions must be taken for every event at the moment, in order to reduce the risk of infection as far as possible. A special hygiene and infection prevention concept is possibly required. We would like to support you by providing an overview of the minimum information that must be included in such a concept with our Coronavirus checklist.

Checklist 4a. Event organization - planning a meeting
Checklist 4b. Event organization - planning an evening event