Step 5: Staging the event

  • Finally there: Staging the event © KölnTourismus GmbH, Volker Voigt
    Finally there: Staging the event © KölnTourismus GmbH, Volker Voigt

Culinary Cologne: The feast is served! 

The feast is ready and waiting to be served, right on time. The aperitifs look cool and tempting, and the wine is at the ideal temperature. The festive table is beautifully decorated, with just a bit of pizzazz, and the atmosphere is just right. We’re ready. The guests are arriving. We await them with an easy smile. Our dinner with the guests becomes a shared experience. And after the plates are cleared, the party is still far from over.

Event planning: Goal reached — staging an event

The better the preparations have been, the more relaxed will be the staging of your event. All the tasks in your step-by-step plan have been checked off, and the stage plan is set. The technical flowchart has been finalized, and the list of emergency phone numbers is completed. The timetable has enabled a stress-free, smoothly running preparation phase in line with 
the setup planning, which has taken all the specialized helpers into account. The run-through, audio check, and dress rehearsal have brought the team together in living colour, on stage, backstage and in the front-of-house area. Everything has been well prepared, so the improvisations that will be needed today will be nice and easy. The event itself is sure to be a resounding success, because in your planning you’ve taken every single point on the checklists into account.

Checklist 5a. Staging the event - Planning a meeting​​​​​​​
Checklist 5b. Staging the event - Planning an evening event