Interpreter in Cologne

To ensure that language doesn’t become a barrier for you, we can show you where to find professional interpreters for your event here in Cologne. Just imagine that you’ve got a real expert coming to speak, but he or she only speaks Chinese. Or that you’re holding an international conference at which more than one language will be spoken, and you therefore require several interpreters. Or that you need an interpreter to accompany you on a trade delegation. Well-established agencies such as wort-wahl can help you find the right interpreter in Cologne for any event or occasion. This agency works with a huge network of interpreters that has been built up over the last ten years. Here you will find qualified interpreters for conference, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. On offer are all European and non-European languages, such as Arabic, Chinese and Korean. Also available are various language combinations such as English and French. If you require interpreter or conference equipment, this too can be provided by the interpretation agency in Cologne!