• Sven Oliver Pink © Axel Schulten


    Sven-Oliver Pink

    FOND OF, with its 211 staff, supply everything from school backpacks, work bags and round handbags to more than 35 countries around the world. Sven-Oliver Pink, one of FOND OF’s four founders, talks us through the company’s recipe for success. more...
  • Prof. Dr. Lars Ribbe © Axel Schulten


    Prof. Dr. Lars Ribbe

    Prof. Dr. Lars Ribbe, Managing Director of the Institute for Technology and Resources Management in the Tropics and Subtropics (ITT) at TH Köln, explains why studying at the Institute can influence the water management around the world. He also reveals his favourite waterside spot in Cologne. more...
  • Prof. Dr. Adli Leiter des Sociolinguistic Lab der Universität zu Köln © Axel Schulten


    Prof. Dr. Adli

    New York, Strasbourg, Berlin and back to Cologne. Every day Professor Adli investigates languages and, for that reason, occasionally speaks in gestures. We ask the Cologne-born head of the University of Cologne’s Sociolinguistic Lab with Iranian roots three questions. more...
  • Till Ohrmann © Axel Schulten


    Till Ohrmann

    Some say it’s the world’s craziest event for founders and investors! To make the Pirate Summit happen, its initiator, Till Ohrmann, committed himself to it completely – something which, in the early days at least, meant him merging the boundaries between his home and office and sleeping on the couch at work. more...
  • Prof. Dr. Reinhard Büttner, Director of the Institute of Pathology, University Hospital of Cologne © Axel Schulten


    Prof. Dr. Reinhard Büttner

    That so many scientists are coming to Cologne is evidence that Cologne has become an attractive and visible international centre of medicine. more...
  • Beil © Axel Schulten


    Junior professor Benjamin Beil

    Computer games always get compared to films, but in reality, the next closest medium is the theatre. more...
  • Head of c/o pop Convention © Axel Schulten


    Ralph Christoph

    Music almost always constitutes an essential element. Here, we play the role of a moderator and multiplier. more...