KölnKongress can look back on a year of superlatives

  • KölnKongress is one of the top partners of the CCB for marketing Cologne as a location for meetings and congresses. © KölnKongress GmbH
    KölnKongress is one of the top partners of the CCB for marketing Cologne as a location for meetings and congresses. © KölnKongress GmbH

The expectations were clearly exceeded: with revenue of around 15 million Euros, the result of the previous record year 2016 was exceeded and the highest revenues in the company's history were registered. KölnKongress also welcomed a record number of visitors: the total increased by 15.4% compared with the previous year to 1,089,000 visitors.

Record revenues were made thanks to the pleasing results of the Koelnmesse Congress Centres, the numerous requests from customers for internal services in all objects, and the record number of visitors at the Tanzbrunnen: 691,000 guests visited the Tanzbrunnen - 32.4% more than last year and, as a result, more than ever before! This was due, above all, to numerous sold-out open-air concerts.

International congresses, large companies as well as well-known artists provided a diverse and successful event year in all eight event venues, whereby the Gürzenich continues to be in great demand when it is a question of staging medical events.

The current financial year is also developing positively:

The Congress-Centrum Koelnmesse is popular with organizers of conferences, annual general meetings and industry meetings. The Gürzenich Köln has numerous events in the medical and scientific fields, congresses, exchanges and markets, carnival and social events, and the Flora Köln is an essential venue for corporate events, gatherings and cultural events as well as private and social celebrations. The calendar of the Tanzbrunnen Köln is already packed with presentations, conferences, roadshows, corporate events and gala events, as well as concerts by numerous popular musicians and music groups.


I. Facts and figures about the Congress Year 2017

1. Revenue:

In 2017, KölnKongress was able to improve on the previous year's record result and with revenue of around 15 million Euros (2016: 13.78 million Euros) posted the best result in the company's history. This was partly thanks to an extremely strong year in the Congress Centres, and also to a record number of visitors at the Tanzbrunnen, which had a positive effect due to the level of revenues from admission charges, leases, etc.

On the other hand, revenues generated through the sale of accompanying services (for example, technical equipment, supporting stand design/equipment) in all objects increased at an above-average rate. KölnKongress has steadily extended its range of internal services in its portfolio in order to be able to offer event organizers "everything from a single source" - this is being very well received by customers and is now reflected positively in the balance sheet.

2. Event Statistics

In 2017, 1,977 events (2016: 2,122) were held on the premises of KölnKongress. Of this total, 1,025 events (2016: 986) were held without any connections with trade fairs and 952 (2016: 1,136) were supporting events at trade fairs.

The events were attended by 1,089,000 visitors (2016: 944,000), 15.4% more than in the previous year. The Tanzbrunnen Köln was able to increase its number of visitors during 2017 by 32.4% to a record level of 691,000 guests. The open-air stage alone was able to register a total of 501,000 visitors at 51 events.

The total number of events (1,977) in all objects

breaks down – according to the type of event - as follows (in the individual objects the percentage breakdown varies according the kind of Event):

  • 59% Congresses and conferences
  • 7% Cultural events
  • 1% Markets and exhibitions
  • 21% Social events
  • 6% Carnival events
  • 6% Other events


The total number of visitors (1,089,000) in all objects

breaks down - according to the type of event - as follows (in the individual objects the percentage breakdown varies according the kind of Event):

  • 17% Congresses and conferences
  • 28% Cultural events
  • 17% Markets and exhibitions
  • 1% Markets and exhibitions
  • 20% Social events
  • 14 % Carnival events
  • 6% Other events


The event and visitor statistics of the individual objects:

A total of 1,123 events were held in the Congress-Centrum Koelnmesse (of which, 171 were congress, conference and social events on dates when no trade fairs were in progress, and 952 were supporting events at trade fairs with a total of 193,000 visitors).


In the Gürzenich Köln a total of 193 events attracted 133,000 visitors.
In the Tanzbrunnen Köln 426 events were visited by a total of 691,000 visitors.
In the Flora Köln 195 events were attended by 67,000 visitors.
In the other objects a total of 40 events were held with a total of 5,000 visitors.


3. Utilization:

The utilization of the KölnKongress objects in 2017 amounted to 351 days.

The days of utilization of the individual objects were:                                                                                        

  • Congress-Centrum Ost Koelnmesse: 234 days         
  • Congress-Centrum Nord Koelnmesse: 227 days       
  • Gürzenich Köln: 218 days                                                   
  • Tanzbrunnen Köln: 273 days                                             
  • Flora Köln: 195 days                                                             
  • Other objects: 40 days                                                         


 4. Extract from the congress and Event year of 2017

An extract from the event calendar of the Congress-Centrum Koelnmesse:

Annual conference of the German Civil Service Association (dbb), EINSTIEG Köln, Berufe (Professions) LIVE Cologne, annual general meetings of numerous companies, LOG Trade Logistics Congress, the SQS Conference, Educational Congress of the Association of Education Media , the Alumni Congress and the VDS Fire Protection Days, as well as various medical congresses, among others, the 25th Annual Conference of the German Interdisciplinary Association for Non-hospital Artificial Respiration (DIGAB), the Annual Meeting of the German Society for Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine (DGKJ) and the 50th Annual Conference of the DGT (German Association for Transfusion Medicine and Immune Haematology).


An extract from the calendar of events at the Gürzenich Köln:

20th European Symposium on Organic Chemistry, the 10th European Congress for Energy Efficient Construction, 8th Cologne Property Fair, the VdW Association Conference, the Cologne Further Education Fair, the Annual General Meeting of QSC AG, the meeting of the Metropolitan Region Rhineland, Cologne Precious Stone Days, symphony concerts, balls and social events, as well as numerous anniversaries and Christmas parties.

The Gürzenich was also once again in great demand in 2017, among organizers of medical and scientific conferences and training courses – among others, the Health Congress of the West, the Karl-Häupl-Congress 2017, the Euromit 2017 (International Meeting on Mitochondrial Pathology), the 14th European ISSX Meeting 2017, the Congress of the German Knee Society, the Annual Conference of the German Society for Neuroradiology (DGNR ).


An extract from the calendar of events at the Flora Köln:

In addition to company events, parties, social and private events, among others, the following events were also held in the Flora: the "World Market Leaders Conference", the 40th Anniversary of the Society for Reactor Safety and Conference, the Franco-German Business Congress, the Annual General Meeting of the Bank for Social Economy, the e-marketing day of the IHK Cologne, the 6th Participants Conference of the 115 of the Ministry of the Interior, the Grimme Online Award, the presentation of the Elisabeth Prize and the Frankfurt Prize, the dbb Gala, the gala evening for the Ice Hockey World Cup, the get-together in connection with MICE Day 2017, the VDW Association Conference, the Spring Gala of Stadt Köln, the 11 Friends Master Party, the presentation of the "Caterer of the Year" award, the Digital Workplace Summit, the DIGAB Congress Evening, the Uniworld Company Event, the WDR Treff, the Kölsche Sportnacht 2017, the CECAD Dinner Event, the Charity Concert of the Orchestra of Paediatricians , the commemoration for Guido Westerwelle and the Cologne Handball Night, 60 years Soroptimist International Club, concerts by the Flora Symphony Orchestra and the Gürzenich Orchestra, Höhner Unplugged, four sold out evenings "Was habst Du in die Sack" with the Bläck Fööss, four events as part of lit.COLOGNE, as well as antique and design markets, anniversaries, birthdays and weddings.


An extract from the calendar of events at the Tanzbrunnen Köln:

Artists appearing at the Tanzbrunnen included Chris de Burgh, Arcade Fire, Kaleo, Naturally 7, The Analogues, Alligatoah, Clueso, Bosse, Joris, Gentleman, Freundeskreis, Dieter Thomas Kuhn & Band, Deine Freunde, Köbes Underground, Brings, the Bläck Fööss, Kasalla and AnnenMayKantereit, in addition to numerous popular comedians such as, for example, Helge Schneider, Olaf Schubert, Florian Schröder and Kurt Krömer. Cat Ballou delivered a brilliant performance at the opening of the season and the Wise Guys delighted more than 25,000 visitors at their two farewell concerts. Other events: Linus' Talentprobe, the Amphi and Reggaeton Beach Festival as part of c/o pop, the fish markets, the LVR's Day of Encounters, the Cologne Lights, the 16th International Folklore Festival, Musik & Klaaf, the Women's Run 2017, "Frau Jahnke hat eingeladen", concerts to mark the 30th anniversary of VRS, eleven events as part of the programme of lit.COLOGNE, as well as the Digital Interior Day 2017, the 14th Galeria Kaufhof Night Run, the reception of children's Carnival Prince couple by the State Chancellery of NRW, the "Dream Profession Media" student fair, as well as various markets and exhibitions.