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Many companies from the fields of business and science have selected Cologne as a destination — with good reason. This is where major players from both sectors congregate. As a result, diverse areas of expertise, like trade, industry, services, logistics, media and science, are developing strong networks in the cathedral city — networks that are effectively developing key issues.

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  • Top Representatives from Science and Business in Cologne

    This article marks the start of our new section: SciTech - News from Science and Business in Cologne. On the basis of selected news items, we will introduce you to the work of major players from science and business in Cologne. more...
  • 13/07/2021

    Ford Cologne Electrification Center Europe

    For more than $1 billion, Ford will expand its vehicle manufacturing operations in Cologne into the Ford Electrification Center. Also, Ford is planning a major transformation of its European business. more...
  • 22/06/2021

    Cologne Researchers discover important ageing mechanism

    Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing and the CECAD Cluster of Excellence in Ageing Research at the University of Cologne now came across folate metabolism in their research for basic mechanisms which determine human ageing. Regulation of folate metabolism may provide a new possibility to improve human health ... more...
  • Theme week of the Cologne Science Forum 2021 © RheinEnergieAG

    Theme week of the Cologne Science Forum 2021

    For the second time this year, the theme weeks of the Cologne Science Forum (Kölner Wissenschaftsrunde - KWR) are taking place from May 25th until June 25th in 2021. Under the motto "The new normal - seizing opportunities & shaping the future", the KWR takes a stand on a recent topic. more...
  • 20/05/2021

    TH Köln Wins "Best Serious Game" Award

    The serious game "Worlds of Materials" has been awarded the German Computer Game Prize, honoring the game developed by the Institute for Materials Application and the Cologne Game Lab at TH Köln. more...
  • Vorum © Vorum


    The Vorum – the New, Agile Office Building in Cologne

    Cologne-based investment management firm evolutiq GmbH today announced plans for the construction of Vorum, a pioneering office property in Cologne-Ehrenfeld. Find out more! more...
  • 20.05.2021

    3D Printing Process for Use in Space

    The range of 3D printing technologies is growing: a research team from the University of Applied Sciences, Cologne, is now working with the company mz Toner Technologies to develop a new 3D printing process based on electrophotography that will, among other things, enable printing in space. more...
  • Uni Köln © Universität zu Köln


    University of Cologne secures funding for “Excellence Startup Center.NRW“

    The University can now expect up to 30 million euros in funding over the next five years. With its GATEWAY Startup Service, the University of Cologne is already pursuing the goal of significantly increasing the number of its startups and spin-offs - a service that can now be brought to a new level. more...