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Active metal sculptures workshop

125.00 € per person (minimum price 1,000.00 €)

[inside Cologne]

Build your own artwork in the art-and-culture free-state of Odonien! Participants are divided into teams of 7-10 people. Each team develops its own sculpture (possibly based on a chosen theme). The selection and combination of materials (scrap, discovered objects, steel parts) and creative teamwork leads to self-created, individual sculptures.



Each group is led by a knowledgeable member of staff and looks after them both technically and artistically. Easy-to-learn technical processes can be carried out independently. Connect using wire, heat bonding, drilling, sharpening, cutting with shears. The event will take place at one of Cologne’s most unusual locations.

Duration: 2 hours
Ideal participant and group sizes: 8-100 persons (minimum 8)

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