The Obligation to Wear a Face Mask in NRW

[Valid since 01/04/2022]

Every person is obliged to behave in a way in which they do not expose themselves or others to any unreasonable risk of infection. To this end, the general rules of conduct on distance, hygiene and masks (the so-called AHA rules) must be taken into consideration in all areas of life.

The obligation to wear a medical face mask is mandatory (regardless of seating and the minimum distance):

  • while using public transport services and its facilities;

Deviations from this obligation to wear a face mask are possible:

  • if necessary for the consumption of food and drinks,
  • if necessary for the provision of a service or medical treatment,
  • if necessary to communicate with deaf or hearing-impaired people,
  • on official or judicial order,
  • if wearing a mask is not possible due to medical reasons - a medical certificate for the respective condition needs to be carried at all times and presented upon request.

Note: Anyone who disregards the obligation to wear a face mask may not use the corresponding offers or enter facilities. Violation of the obligation on public transportation is a misdemeanor and will be punished.