Planning an evening event: Implementation

  • Finally there: Staging the event © KölnTourismus GmbH, Volker Voigt
    Finally there: Staging the event © KölnTourismus GmbH, Volker Voigt

Please note:
This checklist assumes that you are planning an evening event to which a select group of participants has been invited and for which no participant fees will be charged.

Step 5:
Finally there: Staging the event.


  • The construction and dismantling of all the elements should take place according to a detailed flowchart so that all the specialized workers can coordinate their activities with one another.
  • Check all the constructions once again according to the lists and plans you have prepared (this “acceptance inspection” should be carried out at a realistic time so that all the specialized workers can do their work undisturbed).
  • Personnel assignment — make sure all individuals are in their places and know their exact areas of responsibility.
  • If appropriate, Furnish a back office for the organization team (this will be necessary only for large and elaborate evening events).
  • Set up and assign the cloakrooms for the performers.
  • Use an intercom for communication between management, the stage and technical support.
  • Hold a run-through meeting with all the specialized workers so that you can once again go through the evening event’s flowchart point by point and check to make sure everything has been taken into account.
  • Conduct the rehearsals.
  • Coordinate the entire flowchart through the project managers.
  • Stage and manage the event according to the flowchart.


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Checklist 5b. Staging the event - Planning an evening event

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