Planning an evening event: Step 3

Please note:
This checklist assumes that you are planning an evening event to which a select group of participants has been invited and for which no participant fees will be charged.

Step 3:
Does everything fit together? Checking to ensure you’ve made the right decision.


  • Coordinate the content and cost of the concept with your client/team. Do the concept and the elements you have researched match our framework of preconditions?
  • Make a date for an on-site inspection of the possible event venue so that all the details can be thoroughly checked and confirmed.
  • The most important partners must participate in the inspection of the venue.
  • Date for the inspection/location check:
    - Parking opportunities?
    - Special bus drop-off points?
    - Facilities?
    - Are there possible problems that couldn’t be seen before (pillars in the hall, layout, newness of the equipment, cleanliness etc.)?
    - Safety (fire protection, escape routes etc.)?
    - Barrier-free locations?
    - What is available (equipment, technology, stage)? What must be rented in addition in order to meet the requirements?
    - Where can the various services be positioned (registration, cloakroom, reception area, catering, buffet areas, stage, programme)?
    - Delivery area?
    - Smoking area?
    - Restrooms?
  • Discuss the details of the event with the location operator, technology companies, outfitters etc.

Download this checklist here:
Checklist 3b. Checking whether you’ve made the right decision — planning an evening event

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