Planning an evening event: Step 6

Please note:
This checklist assumes that you are planning an evening event to which a select group of participants has been invited and for which no participant fees will be charged.

Step 6:
After the event is over, your work is far from finished: The follow-up


  • Send thank-you notes to everyone involved (partners, supporters, speakers, guests etc.).
  • Place photographs/videos on the (internal) website.
  • If appropriate, publicize the event via social media — but only if this is consistent with the aims of the event.
  • Follow-up media coverage (intranet, company news, trade press etc.).
  • Monitor the incoming invoices and the payment process.
  • Compile a final budget.
  • Send out and evaluate the feedback questionnaires.
  • Evaluate the event so that you can perform even better in the future.
  • Which aspects were successful?
    - What kind of feedback came from the guests?
    - Reflect on the feedback and potential improvements.

Download this checklist here:
Checklist 6b. The follow-up - Planning an evening event

All steps compactly here as download: Checklist b - planning an evening event

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