TimeRide Cologne takes you to the Golden Twenties


TimeRide has already enabled visitors to explore imperial Cologne since the premiere of its time travel offers in 2017. With its new offer, guests can virtually set off into the year 1926 thanks to multi-sensory special effects, interactive elements and an emotional 360-degree panorama.

Cologne is a Feeling, already in 1926

Visitors are invited to be witnesses of everyday life in Cologne during the Golden Twenties, but also of the improvised carnival parades that had previously been banned for years. In the true-to-the-original replica of Cologne's first electric streetcar, visitors can rediscover the landmarks of the old Rhine metropolis, many of which have disappeared today, on a completely new route.

This journey through time is sponsored by the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW and lasts around 45 minutes. In addition to German and English, the tour can be experienced in Kölsch for the first time. For this purpose, carnival veteran Ludwig Sebus, musician Björn Heuser and Cologne actress Anne K. Müller have lent their voices and even their appearances to the virtual reality time travel. Learn more about the tours on timeride.de/koeln [in German].

About TimeRide

TimeRide stands for stationary retail locations that convey historical knowledge in an emotional way. Thanks to modern technologies such as virtual reality (VR) in combination with haptic elements such as vibrations and airflow, visitors are immersed in the life and goings-on of selected eras. The first TimeRide in Cologne opened in October. Around 500,000 guests have since then visited the time travel attractions in Cologne, Dresden, Munich and Frankfurt. In 2018, the company was awarded the German Tourism Prize.