There’s a lot more to Cologne than the Rhine and the Cathedral. The urban habitat of our city is vibrant, and it is continuously reinventing itself. Cologne is dynamic and open to the world, and it nurtures a unique culture of close-knit neighbourhoods. Here you’ll find a multifaceted start-up scene with lots of creative potential. The urban landscape of Cologne is livened up by many creators of street art, design, art, fashion and music.  
Through #urbanCGN, the Cologne Tourist Board explores this lively scene, as well as current trends and themes, in order to publicize this city’s modern lifestyle all over the world. We present locations and festivals and support events such as the Cologne Graffiti Aktiv-Workshop, artists’ installations and performances, and very special city tours. On our blog visit.koeln and our social media channels, we keep you up to date on what’s happening in the creative sector. Dive into the vibrant, modern city of Cologne and its unique creative scene!