What must be Observed for a Planned Event in Cologne?


In addition to the normal event planning, suitable precautions are required for every event at the moment, in order to reduce the risk of infection as far as possible. Find out here what needs to be considered before, during and after holding an event in Cologne.

Before holding an event in Cologne

  • Check whether the current tier system allows for your event to take place.
  • Check the applicable regulations for entering Germany:
  • Check whether a hygiene and infection prevention concept is necessary for your event. Even in cases where such a concept is not explicitly called for, we recommend that you prepare it in order to be prepared for unforeseen developments of the pandemic and the general safety of your visitors. Your respective venue operator together with our Coronavirus checklist can help you in this process.
    • Important notice: For trade fairs and exhibitions and should the number of participants exceed 500, the Public Order Office must consult with the Health Department on the approval of the hygiene and infection prevention concept prior to the event.
    • Our recommendation: Do inform visitors to your event in advance about your hygiene and infection prevention regulations (e.g. via congress website).
  • Record the visitors’ data in accordance with the GDPR for possible contact tracing. This can be done using analogue or digital methods. Depending on the regulations in the incidence-based tier system, two different forms of contact tracing may be required:
    • Plain traceability: the name, address, telephone number or e-mail address, and period of stay of all participants must be recorded in writing or digitally with their knowledge. This data must be kept for four weeks.
    • Distinct traceability: In addition to plain contact data tracing, a seating plan must be created and kept for four weeks. The seating plan must record where person present at the event was sitting.
  • See to it that your event is adequately insured. We would advise that in the contract you agree with your insurer to what extent new Corona-related bans can be considered unforeseeable or to what extent force majeure can be invoked.


During the event

  • If the responsibility for the implementation of the hygiene and infection protection concept has not been contractually agreed upon in advance (see above), you as the organizer are essentially responsible for ensuring that the specified measures are implemented and adhered to.
    • Communicate your rules and regulations for the right behaviour to prevent infection with the help of simply understandable information boards.
    • Check the implementation of and adherence to these rules regularly.


After the event

  • Keep the recorded visitor data as well as the seating plan as part of ensuring distinct traceability for the period of four weeks and secure it against access by third parties.
  • In the event that you receive notification of an infection, transfer the recorded visitor data to the health authority. This can be done via e-mail.


Several other aspects are part of a hygiene and infection prevention concept for your event. Click here to get more information on such a concept.