What must be observed for a planned event in Cologne?

In addition to the normal event planning, suitable precautions are required for every event at the moment, in order to reduce the risk of infection as far as possible. Find out here what needs to be considered before, during and after holding an event in Cologne.


Before holding an event in Cologne

  • Check whether your event falls into the “again allowed” category:
    • Large-scale events are forbidden throughout Germany until December 2020.
    • If your event falls under the heading "Trade fairs", "Congresses" “Culture”, or “Festive events”, a hygiene and infection prevention concept has to be submitted to the responsible health authority (CoronaSchVO §2b and §11).
  • Check the applicable regulations for entering Germany:
  • Work out the hygiene and infection prevention concept for your event in close coordination with your respective venue operator.
  • Our Coronavirus checklist for your hygiene and infection prevention concept will help you in the process.
  • Present this concept to the responsible health authority (see above).
    • Important: The health authority reserves the right to make changes to the hygiene and infection prevention concept or to order additional hygiene and protective measures.
    • Our recommendation: Inform the visitors to your event in advance of your rules and regulations regarding hygiene and infection prevention (e.g. via the congress website).
  • Record the visitors’ data in accordance with the GDPR for possible contact tracing. This can be done using analogue or digital methods.


During the event

  • As the organizer, you, in cooperation with the venue operator, are responsible for ensuring that the measures laid down in the hygiene and infection prevention concept are implemented and complied with.
    • Communicate your rules and regulations regarding behaviour to prevent infection with the help of simply understandable information boards.
    • Check their implementation regularly.


After the event

  • Keep the recorded visitor data for the period of four weeks and secure it against access by third parties.
  • In the event that you receive notification of an infection, transfer the recorded visitor data to the health authority. This can be done via e-mail.


Several other aspects are part of a hygiene and infection prevention concept for your event. Click here to get more information on such a concept.