Green Meetings Conference Hotels

Adopting a sustainable approach to the natural resources that are available to us here on this earth has never been more important than it is today. Many of Cologne’s conference hotels are helping to shoulder this responsibility by offering a range of sustainable options that include various aspects of the hotel business. For example, many hotels now offer seasonal and regional products in their restaurants. This shortens the transportation routes of the food and supports local growers, and the hotel guests can enjoy fresh produce on their plates as well as having a clear conscience. Other sustainability measures in Cologne’s conference hotels include a reduction of the consumption of power and water. For example, energy-saving lamps, district heating and water regulation are now standard elements in many hotels and help to protect the environment. The Radisson Blu has now taken a further step toward sustainability by providing its guests with electric vehicles and suitable charging stations. Take a look and find out more about the sustainable options on offer at Cologne’s conference hotels!