DB railway event tickets

For a great arrival. The event ticket that gets you to Cologne from anywhere within Germany for as little as € 49.50.

In cooperation with the Deutsche Bahn railway company, the Cologne Convention Bureau offers a special ticket that enables you to travel comfortably to conferences and events.

A one-way event ticket to Cologne costs as follows:

For a specific train (available as long as supplies last)

  • 2nd Class € 49.50
  • 1st Class € 80.90

No restrictions as to trains (always available)

  • 2nd Class € 67.50
  • 1st Class € 98.90


The offer is valid until December 2022.   

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DB railway event tickets


You can make the most of your travel time by using your journeys to and from your destination for work, relaxation or enjoying our on-board services. You can also rest assured that your long-distance travel is completely powered by electricity generated by renewable resources.

Travel safely with Deutsche Bahn in times of Coronavirus:
Please note: Masks are mandatory in buses, trains,at train stations and bus stops. Further information about the hygiene and safety measures of KVB can be found here: Safe travel

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If you would like assistance to complete your booking, click here. If you have any technical questions regarding the booking process, simply call +49 (0)30 58 302 0901. Our technical hotline is open every day from 8 am - 9pm. Calls cost EUR 0.20 from a German landline, and max. EUR 0.60 per call from a mobile network.