Event planning

The perfect meal

The planning and staging of an event will usually succeed if the planner pays attention to detail and has finesse and razor-sharp calculation skills. That’s why the individual steps of event planning can be very usefully compared with the preparation of an elaborate meal. Each step must be carefully thought through and prepared for. The planner’s relish and enthusiasm will be expressed in the creativity of the basic concept and the meticulousness with which each step is carried out.

Imagine that you’re inviting some dear friends or valued business partners to dinner in your home. You’d like to prepare and serve them a perfect multi-course meal this evening. The goal of a host or hostess who enjoys entertaining is to have the guests well fed and pleasantly surprised by a perfect dinner served in a warm and friendly atmosphere. If this is also your goal, our tips will help you plan and stage an event in a process that unfolds exactly according to your wishes. The challenge lies in the details. Whether you cook exactly according to the recipes in a cookery book or have plenty of experience as a chef de cuisine, we can help you make your event a resounding success. We wish you, the perfect host or hostess, all the applause you deserve, and of course a top rating for your perfect dinner.

The following six steps are a “recipe” expressed in terms of our current thematic focus, “Culinary Cologne”. Read it in order to find out what aspects you need to keep in mind in order to create a convincing event “menu” and stage an unforgettable evening. Within each section you will also find the corresponding checklists. How to begin...

FAQs - Frequently asked questions

How can I plan an event?

Planning an event takes place in a number of steps, starting with determining the objectives of the event and continuing through to the event’s follow-up phase. Each step must be carefully thought through and prepared for. The Cologne Convention Bureau supports planners in this process with detailed checklists on event planning.

What steps are entailed in planning an event?

The event planning process can be divided into a total of six steps: determining the objectives of the event, working out a concept, making the right decision, organizing the event itself and the follow-up phase. The Cologne Convention Bureau supports event planning with checklists for every step.

Where can I find support for event planning?

On the one hand, you can find support for event planning by commissioning an event agency that professionally accompanies the process of organization. On the other hand, if you wish to plan the event without an agency, convention bureaus will provide you with support. The Cologne Convention Bureau provides support in the form of checklists for event planning and also puts you in contact with event agencies in Cologne.

What does an event concept need?

You need to keep several things in mind for a successful event — whether it is an evening event or a congress. They include the choice of venue, the appropriate content, the catering, the technology, and the furnishings. To help you, the Cologne Convention Bureau has created check lists for planning events in general and for planning events during the corona pandemic. These lists enable you to easily plan your event step by step.