Green Meetings Event Venues

Are you planning to stage an event with an environmental theme? If so, take a look at our list of sustainable event locations here in Cologne. Many of these event locations, particularly in the area of food and nutrition, place great emphasis on quality and sustainability. In calcio, for example, the catering is restricted almost entirely to regional and seasonal products. And if you opt for the Zoo Event location at the Cologne Zoo, your guests will be served humanely produced meat and MSC-certified fish.

Not only the catering aspect of the location but also the entire event itself can be characterized by sustainability. For example, the railway-oriented tourism company AKE-Eisenbahntouristik offers as a sustainable event location a beautiful antique train, the AKE-RHEINGOLD. This special train runs almost entirely on electric power and also generates electricity itself. This excess energy is fed back into the grid. The AKE-RHEINGOLD, complete with a kitchen, panoramic views and event technology, could be the ideal location for your sustainable event. Sustainable event locations in Cologne are also available at the LVR-Kulturzentrum in the Brauweiler abbey. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!